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Diatonic News - Sep-2020
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PIF2020: A SPECIAL EDITION - Italy/Castelfidardo
Grupo INTOCABLE in September Event - USA
Need some ideas for accordion Tatoos? - Worldwide
Video: New Tune, Bealacana Polka by Sharon Shannon, Jim Murray and Jack Maher live from De Barras
Book Completed: Play Your Accordion Without Pain - USA
Castelfidardo Accordion Museum Reopens - Italy

Festivals, Competitions, Masterclasses/Seminars/Stages, Reports etc.

Etétrad Festival - Italia
Carrefour Mondial de L'Accordeon Festival, Montmagny - Canada
Next Bromyard Folk Festival in September 2021 - UK
PIF ACADEMY 2020 SEMINAR with Fabio Turchetti - Castelfidardo/Italy
Verschiebung des Mundharmonika-Festivals - Deutschland
Oxford Folk Weekend Online Concerts – UK
43rd Clifden Arts Festival - Ireland
National Folk Festival / next edition 2021 - USA/Maryland
Zertifikatslehrgang Steirische: Neuer Anmeldeschluss - Deutschland
Historical Article: José Gonsalvez, A Portuguese Button Box Player in India, 1836
Folkest 2020 rinviato in autunno - ITALIA
Harmonika Müller Sommerseminare - Steiermark/Austria
The Crawfish and Catfish Festival - USA/CA
New Product from AccordionGifts: SUNbuster Car Shade – USA
Harmonica Masters Workshops 2020 wegen Covid-19 abgesagt - DE
Cancelled: 2020 MacLagan Squeezebox Festival - Australia
Video: Homebaked Concertina # 5 Australia 2020
18. Irish Folk auf Fürsteneck - Germany
Black Sheep Otley Folk Festival 2020 next in 2021 - GB

Future events / Concerts

DIF Donauinselfest/Vienna - Austria
Diego Schissi quinteto en concerto - Argentina
Marc Berthoumieux Masterclass in Plescop - France
John Kirkpatrick in September - UK
NESI 2020 25-27th September in "virtual" way - USA
Duo con Bonaventura/Fresu concert - Chieti/Italia

CD/VIDEO/Book (New/Reviews/Presentations)

CD "Carousel" by BEOGA - Ireland
10 Jahre Volks-Rock'n'Roller Jubiläumsbox/Andreas Gabalier - Austria
Heinrich Band: Namesake, but Not Inventor of the Bandoneon - Germany

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PIF2020: A SPECIAL EDITION - Italy/Castelfidardo

by Diatonic News
Many meetings were needed to evaluate a safe and innovative PIF Edition in this difficult year. The COVID-19 pandemic, still ongoing worldwide, does not allow to foresee what will happen in the upcoming months. Each country applies different restrictions that make all decisions approximate. In order to guarantee regularity and equality of conditions among the candidates, there will be a SPECIAL EDITION in two phases: SELECTIONS (with online videos) and FINAL (in live streaming or through a live audition in Castelfidardo). The event will be broadcast by the Astra Theater in Castelfidardo with professionals in the sector to guarantee the same conditions for all candidates.

The categories will be the following ones (complete regulation on www.pifcastelfidardo.it):

category Classical PREMIO
category Classical Composition (already done)
category Virtuoso Senior
category World Ensemble/Soloist
category Jazz Ensemble/Soloit
category Tango Astor Piazzolla Award
category Electronic Gervasio Marcosignori Award
category All Genres Young
Due to the exceptional conditions, it is necessary to restrict the number of applications. There will be a preliminary SELECTION that – after the international jury attentive evaluation – is going to decree the entrants admitted to the final performance. ALL THE CONCURRENTS who want to take part will have to record a video with the following features:

Length max 10 minutes (the cat. YOUNG max 5 minutes).
The candidate will perform a free programme composed by several pieces of different character (reductions of original music scores are admitted). Only one piece for the cat. YOUNG.
The proposed repertoire can be repeated in the final exhibition.
The candidate will provide, in the application form, the LINK of the VIDEO. The resposibility for the forwarded material copyright is upon the candidate.
The videos have to be made recording the full figure of the musician, and the repertoire and recording date must appear in the video, or as its comment.
Only videos recorded from January 1st 2020 will be accepted. If the organization ascertain a violation, the candidate will be excluded.
The quote for the preliminary selection is of €10,00 (EURO) for all categories.
The expiring date for the applications is fixed for August 20th 2020 for all categories.
As for the cat. YOUNG there will be no finals, instead, an online vote will be expressed: there will be a page where the videos can be watched and where visitors can vote. Please remember that the programme has to be kept within the 5 minutes limit and that it must be made of 1 piece only or 1 medley made of several connected melodies.

More on PIF News

Grupo INTOCABLE in September Event - USA

by Christine Johnstone
Grupo INTOCABLEGroup Invocable will perform at The Filmore Silver Spring in Silver Spring, MD. on September 4, 2020 at 8:PM.

Intocable (Untouchable) is an American Tejano and Norteño band from Zapata, Texas that was started by friends Ricardo Javier Muñoz and René Orlando Martínez in the early 1990s.Intocable fuses the genres Tejano and Norteño with a musical signature that fused Tejano's robust conjunto and Norteño folk rhythms with a pop balladry. Intocable is a very influential influential group in Tejano and their tough Tejano/Norteño fusion has become the blueprint for dozens of Tex-Mex groups. The group's style, which combines romantic, hooky melodies, tight instrumentation and vocal harmony, is consistently imitated by other Tejano and Norteño groups, including Imán, Costumbre, Solido, Estruendo, Intenso, Duelo and Zinzero.

After years of dedication and passion, the dream became an indisputable reality. With #1 hits such as “Robarte un Beso,” “Prometí,” “Te Amo (Para Siempre),” “Culpable Fui (Culpable Soy),” their latest “Tu Ausencia,” as well as fan favorites like “Dame Un Besito,” “Eres Mi Droga,” Enséñame a Olvidarte,” “Sueña,” “Contra Viento y Marea,” “Llueve,” “Arrepiéntete,” among others, INTOCABLE continues to entertain and delight audiences in both the United States and Mexico.

Invocable were the first of their genre to play at Dallas Cowboys Stadium, at the halftime show of the 2011 Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins game, also at The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles. They garnered two of the 5 nominations to the Billboard Regional Mexican Awards and got a nod for Best Norteño Album to the 2011 Latin Grammy for their album INTOCABLE 2011. They were also nominated for a Grammy for the album. INTOCABLE 2011 was released under the group's own music label Good-i Music and the first two singles, Robarte Un Beso and Prometí, went to Number 1 on US regional radio charts. The 3rd single Arrepientete also did very well on radio and their 4th single Llueve was premiered live onstage at the 2012 Premio lo Nuestro where the group swept with all three categories they were nominated for.

On January 23, 2016, Intocable announced their partnership with St.Jude, a pledge first of its kind in the music industry. After witnessing firsthand the groundbreaking research done at St. Jude, Intocable knew they had to help the organization in any capacity possible. Today, their support will not only create awareness for the cause, but their pledge of support will contribute to assure that families pay for nothing and can focus on letting their child live.

INTOCABLE Group Members:
Ricardo Javier “Ricky” Muñoz – (Lead Vocalist, Accordion)
René Orlando Martínez – (Drums, Chorus)
Sergio Serna – (Percussion)
Johnny Lee Rosas – (Second Vocals, Bajo Sexto)
José Juan Hernández – (Group Motivator and Rhythms)
Alejandro Gulmar – (Bajo Sexto)
Felix Salinas – ( Bass )

Grammy Award for Best Mexican/Mexican-American Album (2005) ·
Latin Grammy Award for Best Norteño Album (2013, 2005) ·
Grammy Award for Best Norteño Album (2011)
Billboard Latin Music Lifetime Achievement Award (2012) .[3]

“When we make a new record, we never try to top the previous one, but truly enjoy and live in the moment. every song, note, word comes from our hearts.” – INTOCABLE

Need some ideas for accordion Tatoos? - Worldwide

by Diatonic News
accordion tatoos
Just in case you need some ideas for your next Tatoo - here are some ;-)
seen by Roger Morand

Video: New Tune, Bealacana Polka by Sharon Shannon, Jim Murray and Jack Maher live from De Barras

by Diatonic News
Enjoy this new tune, Bealacana Polka - named after my home town in County Clare - Live from De Barras in Clonakilty with Jim Murray and Jack Maher.

Bealacana Polka - Sharon Shannon, Jim Murray and Jack Maher live from De Barras

Book Completed: Play Your Accordion Without Pain - USA

by Harley Jones
Play Your Accordion Without Pain coverJohn BonicaIn March 2018, John Bonica PT CMP NZRP (New Zealand and USA), suffered a heart attack and heart failure with no prior discernible symptoms. At that stage, his book Play Your Accordion Without Pain was in the final review stage.

Since that time, a colleague of John Bonica has reviewed the book completely and all the graphics in the book have been upgraded and finalised. The completed book is now available and the US$22 or Euro equivalent price has been kept the same. The book is sent to you by email in pdf format.

Previous purchasers of the book are being sent the finalised book. Some have changed email address since the purchase, so if you do not get the finalised book, please email musicforacc.com@yahoo.com for your copy.

Play Your Accordion Without Pain is an amazing book full of excellent advice. John Bonica was an accordionist for over 50 years. He has recorded four CDs of Italian and European folk music utilizing a MIDI orchestra ensemble. Other activities include writing and publishing (he was editor and publisher for the US published ‘Accordion World’ magazine from 1989 until 1994), sailing and photography.

His day job in the medical profession as a specialist in spinal, extremity joint, and soft tissue diagnosis and treatment, meaant that he made a lifetime study of mechanical pain, and had at his disposal many different treatment and prevention options. He was able to utilize not just one method or theory, but many viewpoints and techniques to suit the diagnosis.

Read all the information about the author and his book at: John Bonica Play Your Accordion Without Pain

Castelfidardo Accordion Museum Reopens - Italy

by Christine Johnstone
Castelfidardo museum
Museum pictureThe newly renovated Accordion Museum Castelfidardo (Museo della Fisarmonica) reopens on August 29th, 2020.

The day will begin with an inauguration ceremony with speeches, ribbon cutting and a walk through the Museum. Due to current social distancing rules, the reduced number of seats is reserved for guests and authorities.

After the ribbon cutting, they will be the only ones to visit the renovated Museum in the morning. From re-opening, only small groups are permitted inside the Museum at the same time. The Museum will then be open for free to the public in the afternoon from 4 pm in the same way.

The Accordion Museum Castelfidardo features some interesting new exhibits including the reproduction of a typical artisan workshop (1900-1970) with the wooden bench, detached parts of a vintage accordion and unique working tools that our craftsmen often invented and created themselves. (See top photo).

Visitors will see other new exhibits including the two creators and founders of the Accordion Museum Vincenzo Canali and Beniamino Bugiolacchi, composer Astor Piazzolla, Mariano Dallapè (founder of an accordion factory in 1876 in Stradella), Paolo Soprani, Gervasio Marcosignori, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy (see picture below) and so much more.
Laurel & Hardy

Festivals, Competitions, Masterclasses/Seminars/Stages, Reports etc.

Etétrad Festival - Italia

by Diatonic News
Etétrad Festival - Italia

Carrefour Mondial de L'Accordeon Festival, Montmagny - Canada

by Diatonic News
Carrefour Mondial de L'Accordeon Festival, Montmagny - Canada
The Carrefour Mondial de l’Accordeon Festival generally takes place each year in September in Montmagny, Via Rivière-du-Loup Rte 132 Ouest ou Autoroute 20 Ouest (Sortie 378 ou Sortie 376) Montmagny is a proudly French-speaking town that is over 300 years old and has 11,885 residents.

Artistic Director: Raynald Ouellet
During this time the population swells to more than 50,000, most of them intent on hearing some of the finest accordionists in the world.
The Carrefour Mondial brings accordionists from all over the globe, and it seems as if every man, woman, and child in Montmagny plays some version of a squeezebox.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 - the this years festival is cancelled - next edition will be in 2021.

Next Bromyard Folk Festival in September 2021 - UK

by Diatonic News
Next Bromyard Folk Festival in September 2021 - UK
The organizers report: COVID-19 Postponement
We are sorry to have to announce the postponement of this years Bromyard Folk Festival until September 2021. This decision has been very difficult to time and make but as we are now in June the realisation that our every day lives will be changing and with current Government predictions we will not be permitted to hold indoor gatherings with close contact for the foreseeable future.

We are, as a team, determined to concentrate now on arrangements for next year, we are delighted that this years line up of Artistes have agreed to perform alongside many more to be announced it should be a festival worth waiting for.

Thank you to all of you that have purchased tickets we will be contacting you in the very near future with your options of transferring your tickets to 2021 or having a full refund.

We are sorry that this will disappoint so many of our loyal supporters but know we will have your continued support for next years festival, please keep safe we will look forward to meeting up with you in 2021 somewhere sooner but definitely September 9th-12th keep the date

PIF ACADEMY 2020 SEMINAR with Fabio Turchetti - Castelfidardo/Italy

by Diatonic News
PIF Accordion seminar WORLD
September 19th, about 3:00 pm, live streaming
Fabio Turchetti, accordionist, Bandoneonist and singer, graduated in musicology at the Dams in Bologna and graduated from the Luigi Cherubini conservatory in Florence.
In his thirty-year career he has released 40 CDs and held at least a thousand concerts and collaborated with many international artists in different genres, from folk to jazz. He wrote texts and music for the theater, published three books and made a television series of musical journeys. The seminar was born from these last experiences: Fabio traces the last km of “The Way of Santiago de Compostela”, a special and unique path in history, filming the places where millions of pilgrims have passed through the centuries to tell the path through the his music.

Verschiebung des Mundharmonika-Festivals - Deutschland

by Diatonic News
Verschiebung des Mundharmonika-Festivals auf den 14. – 19. September 2021

Der Veranstalter berichtet:
Wir möchten das angestrebte hohe Niveau unserer Jubiläumsveranstaltung wahren und sehen uns unter den jetzigen Bedingungen gezwungen, das 20. Festival um ein Jahr zu verschieben. Gleichzeitig möchten wir unserer Verantwortung gegenüber unseren Gästen und Mitgliedern Rechnung tragen.

Bei den Masterworkshops gelten folgende Regelungen: Die bereits angemeldeten Teilnehmer behalten automatisch ihre
Teilnahmeberechtigung für das Jahr 2021. Wer das nicht wünscht, kann eine Stornierung der Anmeldung durch schriftliche Erklärung veranlassen. Wir bemühen uns im Vorfeld des Festivals 2021 verschiedene Veranstaltungen in unseren Lokalen zu organisieren, um bei unseren
Gästen und Mitgliedern das MundharmonikaLive-Feuer am Leben zu halten.

Alle Anmeldungen behalten ihre Gültigkeit. Wir werden den Wettbewerb nächstes Jahr nachholen und starten dann pünkltlich am Freitag, den 17.09.2021 um 14:00 Uhr mit der Band Boogielicious als Begleitband!


Oxford Folk Weekend Online Concerts – UK

by Diatonic News
The organizers write:

We don't know how long the world is going to be in quarantine, but we do know that virtually all 'in person' events have already been cancelled throughout the summer, and we suspect it may be many months before promoters and venues feel able to take the risk of putting on events. We have taken the decision to continue promoting events online via Zoom for the foreseeable future, to help support artists who are out of work, and to keep our community connected.

Please see our What's On page for details of our forthcoming #LiveToYourLivingRoom events.
Running a festival online is a completely new thing for us and for you - and unlike most events we are doing it LIVE rather than pre-recorded so there's a limit to how much we can test beforehand. It's quite likely that there will be issues, but we will be here ready to help!

If you have any problems accessing any events you have booked for during the festival here are some things you can try:

- Turn your technology off and on again(!)

- Make sure your volume is turned up and your speakers are plugged in

If none of those have worked you can email Cat on info@folkweekendoxford.co.uk or Rachel on admin@folk-arts-oxford.co.uk.


by Diatonic News
OCTOBER 7th-11th 2020 Louisiana's Cajun & Creole Cycling Festival

Depuis (since) 2002
Cycle Zydeco was created by Joan & Doc Williams. With the assistance of Lafayette Visitors & Convention Center, the ride has evolved into what has been called the "Best Touring Ride in the US."

In the past, proceeds from Cycle Zydeco have supported TRAIL, Evangeline Area Boy Scouts, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and Cajun Cyclist racing teams along with other local civic organizations.


The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 caused Cycle Zydeco to be moved to the fall for the first time. Hectic quick changes but it opened the opportunity for our seasoned riders to visit us during a new time of year and during one of Lafayette’s biggest and best festivals: Festivals Acadiens et Créoles.


43rd Clifden Arts Festival - Ireland

by Diatonic News
The Online events programme has been updated but the following changes were made

EXPLORING 6000 YEARS OF ART AND ARCHAEOLOGY OF JOYCE COUNTRY CONNEMARA. is now scheduled for Wednesday 25th September at 9:30 in the Omey Suite.

Music Network Presents Nell NíChróinín, Tara Breen, Laoise Kelly, and Josephine Marsh. is now scheduled for Monday 23rd September at 10 pm.

Cherish the Ladies is now scheduled for Thursday 26th September 8pm in the West Connemara Leisure Centre.

RTE Concert Orchestra is now scheduled for Friday 27th September at 8:00 pm in the West Connemara Leisure Centre

Music with Mick Conneely and David Munnelly, the venue is now the Church of Ireland.

Concert with an Tara Tommy Hayes and Matthew Noone, the venue is now the Church of Ireland.

Garadice, the venue is now the Church of Ireland.


National Folk Festival / next edition 2021 - USA/Maryland

by Diatonic News
National Folk Festival / next edition 2021 - USA/Maryland
Salisbury, Capital of the Eastern Shore
In choosing Salisbury, as the National Folk Festival Host City for 2018, 2019 and 2020 (postponed until 2021), the National Council for the Traditional Arts (NCTA), creator and producer of the National Folk Festival since its founding in 1934, recognized Salisbury’s and the region’s unique cultural assets and strong community spirit.

The Festival will continue its residency in Maryland in downtown Salisbury in September 2021, it will celebrate its 80th year.

Performers will be announced starting in Spring 2021.
Maryland Folklife Area & Stage performers will be announced in Summer 2021.


Zertifikatslehrgang Steirische: Neuer Anmeldeschluss - Deutschland

by Diatonic News
Der Anmeldeschluss für den Orientierungstag im Rahmen unseres Zertifikatslehrgangs „Die Steirische Harmonika in der künstlerischen und pädagogischen Praxis“ wurde verlängert: Kursteilnehmer können sich nun mittel dem Anmeldeformular bis zum 7. September 2020 (siehe Webseite) anmelden.

Direkt nach den Sommerferien am 20. September 2020 findet der Orientierungstag zu unserem Zertifikatslehrgang „Steirische Harmonika“ mit Alexander Maurer statt. Dieser Zertifikatslehrgang wendet sich an Akkordeonist*innen und Harmonika-Spieler*innen, die die Steirische als künstlerisches oder pädagogisches Instrument einsetzen wollen.

Info: https://www.hohner-konservatorium.de/

Historical Article: José Gonsalvez, A Portuguese Button Box Player in India, 1836

by Harley Jones
Gorka HermosaAccordionist Gorka Hermosa (picture left) has written an article in Spanish language on one of the first button accordionists on record and perhaps the oldest non European accordion player, José Gonsalvez. In 1836 (with his button box accordion) he made an expedition up the Indus River to reach Kabul (Afghanistan).

Read this most interesting historical article in English and Spanish at: José Gonsalvez

Folkest 2020 rinviato in autunno - ITALIA

by Diatonic News
Folkfest Italia
Andrea Del FaveFokest affronta l’emergenza spostando il suo programma di concerti, premi, incontri di approfondimento e libri dal 17 settembre al 4 ottobre.
Gli appuntamenti saranno dunque distribuiti tra settembre e ottobre per salutare l’autunno a tutta musica (ma non solo). I responsabili di Folkest in accordo con la trentina di comuni del Friuli Venezia Giulia coinvolti nel programma – da Sauris a Duino passando per Tramonti di Sopra e Pulfero, Romans d’Isonzo, Travesio ma anche Udine, Gorizia e ovviamente Spilimbergo, la vicina Capodistria e Auronzo di Cadore-, hanno deciso di affrontare l’emergenza COVID -19 divenuta purtroppo mondiale, spostando il festival in altre date.
Folkest è un festival che durante i suoi 41 anni di svolgimento ha saputo divenire il centro di una importante rete di relazioni in campo musicale in Europa e nel mondo coinvolgendo ogni anno artisti provenienti da tutto il mondo, veri e propri custodi della musica di diverse etnie e culture.

“Per il 2020 – afferma il direttore artistico del festival Andrea Del Favero – è una nostra precisa volontà quella di dedicare un’attenzione particolare ai musicisti italiani che come si sa, sono stati fra i primi ad essere penalizzati dalle cancellazioni dei loro tour e concerti”. Il programma del festival infatti, includerà i migliori talenti italiani, veri e propri custodi e interpreti della buona musica della nostra tradizione capace di rinnovarsi.


Harmonika Müller Sommerseminare - Steiermark/Austria

by Diatonic News
Im kommenden Herbst veranstalteT Harmonika Müller zusammen mit Markus Schwarz erstmalig vier Harmonika Seminare. Die jeweils fünftägige Veranstaltung kostet € 490,- und findet im Gasthof Sonnenhof in St. Georgen ob Judenburg – vielen auch als Märchenwald bekannt – statt.

Termine 2020:
11.11. bis 15.11.
18.11. bis 22.11.

The Crawfish and Catfish Festival - USA/CA

by Diatonic News
The Festival
Southside Park (Downtown) 2115 6th St.
Sacramento, CA
September 19th & 20th, 2020
11AM – 10PM Saturday
11AM – 6PM Sunday

You can enjoy live Cajun, Zydeco, Blues, Jazz, R & B, and Funk on three stages.

Contraband Bayou has the Bayou Stage with Cajun & Zydeco Music & Dance

Music by: CZ Bon Vivants, Mortordude Zydeco, Jimmy Breaux & Cajun Troubadours, Zydeco Flames, Mark St. Mary Zydeco & Blues And More!

Other festival activities include Zydeco dance lessons,

Saturday night 6:00-10:00 pm Funktastic Mardi Gras Live featuring Beaufunk featuring Michael Jeffries formerly of Tower of Power on Bourbon Street from 6PM to 10PM.


New Product from AccordionGifts: SUNbuster Car Shade – USA

by Harley Jones
Accordion Shade
Dan GraumanDan Grauman (picture right) proudly announces the new website, AccordionGifts at www.accordiongifts.com has been launched.

Accordion-themed items, including clothing, jewelry, stationery, and novelties have traditionally been much more difficult to find than similar items with images of other instruments, such as violins, clarinets, drums, etc. AccordionGifts hopes to change that. Some gift items on this website include original art by accordionist and artist, Joan Geller Grauman. Many thanks go to accordionist and artist Cody McSherry for creating our beautiful logo.

A new item in limited stock is the beautiful accordion-shaped purse with zippered compartment inside as well as on the backside. The purse includes a shoulder strap.

AccordionGifts announces the introduction of its newest product, the SUNbuster car shade. Keep your car cool in hot weather and show your pride in your instrument by placing the car shade behind your windshield.

This corrugated cardboard sun shade prevents the sun from penetrating the windshield so the air is cooler and more bearable upon return. The sun shade efficiently folds up accordion-style to maximize vehicle interior space.
AccordionGifts.com header

Harmonica Masters Workshops 2020 wegen Covid-19 abgesagt - DE

by Diatonic News
Die Organisatoren des Workshops berichten:

Mit großem Bedauern müssen wir die Harmonica Masters Workshops 2020 wegen der Covid-19 Pandemie absagen. Soweit man das jetzt absehen kann, wird es nicht möglich sein, das Event in einer Weise durchzuführen, die die Sicherheit von Studenten und Dozenten ausreichend gewährleistet. Wir möchten uns bei allen Fans und Unterstützer hierfür entschuldigen

Hohner wird alle bereits gezahlte Kursgebühren erstatten. Wir werden mit der Dozentenmannschaft die Möglichkeit erorten, ein kurzes Online-Event Anfang November zu organisieren und halten euch darüber auf dem Laufenden. Wir planen, die Harmonica Masters Workshops 2022 wieder zu veranstalten, werden aber einen anderen Termin aussuchen müssen.

Bitte merken: Das World Harmonica Festival kehrt im November 2021 nach Trossingen zurück. Das Event wird um einen Tag Verlängert, was uns ermöglichen wird, längere Workshops für diatonische Spieler während den Chromonika- und Ensemble-Wettberwerbe anzubieten.

Cancelled: 2020 MacLagan Squeezebox Festival - Australia

by Diatonic News
2021 MacLagan Squeezebox Festival
Cancelled2020 MaglanThe Maclagan Squeezebox Festival will be celebrating its 18th birthday this year if it goes ahead on October 10th, 2020. Each year in October, the small Queensland country town of Maclagan puts on the only squeezbox festival in Australia.

Organisers of the 2020 MacLagan Squeezebox Festival are disappointed to announce that this year’s festival is cancelled due to Covid-19. The event was due to take place in Queensland, Australia in October.

They now are planning to “keep the traditions alive” with the October 2021 event.

For details email: maclagansqueezeboxfest@gmail.com


by Diatonic News
OCT 9-11, 2020
Acadians, or Cajuns as they are now called, were exiled from Nova Scotia in 1755. They took with them few possessions but did carry away a rich cultural heritage, which included a blend of French, Celtic, Scots-Irish and Native American influences. This mixture is evident in a rich oral tradition and repertoire of songs and dances. By the turn of the twentieth century, increasing homogenization of the United States threatened to doom the French language to obscurity. Early versions of the Louisiana constitution made valiant attempts to legitimize the use of French, but America charged on with the nationalism movement.

The Cajun and Creole musicians, cooks and craftsmen and women who participate in this annual event continue to invest themselves in what most rightly consider their own festivals, a self-celebration of Cajun and Creole culture.

Read more on: http://www.festivalsacadiens.com/info/history.html

Video: Homebaked Concertina # 5 Australia 2020

by Harley Jones
Video by Concertina Australia on youtube. Contains a nice history of concertina arriving about the 1840's.

This is the fifth in a series of concertina video concerts produced during the Covid 19 virus lockdown period in Australia during 2020..

Players in order of appearance are....
Mark McDonnell playing Stack of Wheat.
Karen Magno playing an original composition, Mosaic.
Matt Harriage playing Little Bird.
Barrie Kemp playing Miller of Glanmire.
Ian Young reciting an original poem with concertina backing, On the Beach.

18. Irish Folk auf Fürsteneck - Germany

by Diatonic News
Damian McKeeDiatonisches Akkordeon mit Damian McKee02.10. - 06.10.2020 Kurs-Nr. 20-33304
bitte rechtzeitig anmelden!

rische Musik auf dem Akkordeon
Damian McKee, bekannt von seinen Tourneen mit der irischen Band Beoga (“The best new traditional band to emerge from Ireland this century” WALL STREET JOURNAL), bietet einen Kurs für Akkordeon an. Damian ist einer der profiliertesten Spieler der diatonischen B/C-Stimmung, heißt in diesem Kurs aber ausdrücklich auch Piano-Akkordeons sowie diatonische Instrumente in C#/D-Stimmung willkommen.
Neue Tunes werden nach Gehör gelernt, bei Bedarf ist auch eine Notation im ABC Format möglich.
Wesentlicher Kursinhalt ist das Erlernen der typischen Phrasierung, des rhythmischen Spiels und das Üben von Verzierungstechniken anhand der neu gelernten Stücke.
Kurssprache: Englisch, bitte Aufnahmegerät mitbringen.

An einem von drei Konzertabenden können sich die Teilnehmenden selbst mit einem Beitrag anmelden, sodass auch Amateur-Ensembles oder spontane Kollaborationen die Gelegenheit erhalten, über die eigenen Workshops hinaus zusammenzuarbeiten und sich im geschützten Rahmen auf der Burg-Bühne auszuprobieren. Unter folgendem Link gibt es einen kleinen Eindruck aus 2018: https://youtu.be/K4e2saAuFRM

Bitte geben Sie bei der Anmeldung Ihren Werkstattwunsch an. Die gleichzeitige Belegung von zwei Werkstätten ist nicht möglich. Die Angabe eines alternativen Workshops ermöglicht uns, Ihnen auch dann einen Platz zu reservieren, wenn Ihre erste Wahl belegt ist oder aus irgendeinem Grund ausfallen muss.

Wichtiger Hinweis:

Zur Umsetzung des Hygienekonzepts aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie, ist eine Teilnahme am Kurs nur mit Übernachtung im Einzelzimmer möglich. Eine Doppelzimmerbelegung ist nur noch für Personen, die in einem Haushalt leben, Paare sowie Familienangehörige möglich.


Black Sheep Otley Folk Festival 2020 next in 2021 - GB

by Diatonic News
Black Sheep Otley Folk Festival - GB
Black Sheep Otley Folk Festival 17-19 Sep 2021

Well, we put it off for as long as possible but I am sure it will come as no surprise to you that we have had to make the decision to cancel this years Otley Folk Festival. This may not mean that we will not mark the occasion in some way. Nearer the time, as rules change, we might be able to have some musical fun outside with some of our local artists. At present, there is a maximum group size of thirty and singing in front of an audience is not allowed. All we can say is keep an eye on our website and let us look forward to a better 2021. Next years Otley Folk Festival will be on 17-19 September.

Future events / Concerts

DIF Donauinselfest/Vienna - Austria

by Diatonic News
DIF Donauinselfest wien
Angesichts der aktuellen Ausbreitung des Corona-Virus wird das für Juni geplante 37. Donauinselfest verschoben. Das Donauinselfest 2020 wird von 18. bis 20. September stattfinden

„Das Donauinselfest ist über Jahrzehnte hinweg fixer Bestandteil der Wiener Stadtkultur. Auch für die heimische Kunst- und Kulturszene und unzählige Wiener Unternehmen der Veranstaltungsbranche ist es das jährliche Highlight und nicht zuletzt ein ganz wesentlicher wirtschaftlicher Faktor. Bei allen aktuellen Herausforderungen ist es daher wichtig, dass das Donauinselfest auch heuer stattfindet!

Zusammenhalt für Kunst, Kultur und Wiener Wirtschaft
Seit jeher steht das Donauinselfest für ein funktionierendes Miteinander und den Zusammenhalt in Wien: Tausende Menschen, vor allem Wiener Unternehmen und heimische Künstlerinnen und Künstler sowie unzählige freiwillige Helferinnen und Helfer, ermöglichen jährlich ein buntes Fest bei freiem Eintritt für Wienerinnen und Wiener aus allen Gemeindebezirken und weit darüber hinaus.

Dieser starke Zusammenhalt, den die Wienerinnen und Wiener gerade in den Zeiten von COVID-19 tagtäglich beweisen, bedeutet auch für das Donauinselfest Verantwortung zu übernehmen und solidarisch zu agieren. Denn nicht nur ist das Donauinselfest wichtigster Förderer heimischer Musik – rund 80 % der Künstlerinnen und Künstler auf den Donauinselfest-Bühnen kommen aus Österreich – es ist auch wichtiger Impulsgeber für die Wiener Wirtschaft.

„Dass das Fest stattfindet, ist Garant dafür, dass gebuchte Künstlerinnen und Künstler des diesjährigen Donauinselfests ihre bereits eingeplanten Gagen erhalten“, weiß Kurt Wimmer, Präsident des Vereins Wiener Kulturservice, der insbesondere die Künstlerinnen- und Künstlergagen verantwortet. Thomas Waldner, Geschäftsführer der Eventagentur Pro Event, die das Donauinselfest jährlich organisiert, ergänzt: „Gleichzeitig zählen zahlreiche Unternehmen der von der Coronakrise schwer getroffenen Wiener Veranstaltungsbranche oder auch der Gastronomie auf uns. Für sie wollen wir weiterhin verlässlicher Partner in dieser schwierigen Zeit bleiben!“


Diego Schissi quinteto en concerto - Argentina

by Diatonic News
Diego Schissi quinteto en concerto - Argentina
21/09/2020 Horario 21 h
Gorriti 3780 1172 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Diego Schissi (Piano, arreglos y composición)
Santiago Segret (Bandoneón)
Guillermo Rubino (Violín)
Ismael Grossman (Guitarra)
Juan Pablo Navarro (Contrabajo)

La agrupación liderada por el pianista y compositor es una de las propuestas más destaca-das dentro del panorama actual del tango. Se caracteriza por un estilo ligado a la vertiente clásica y tradicional del dos por cuatro, enriquecido con búsquedas contemporáneas del género. Su repertorio está mayoritariamente formado por obras propias, sin por ello dejar de revisitar algunos compositores emblemáticos como Mariano Mores y Astor Piazzolla.

El quinteto editó cinco álbumes: Tongos (2010), Tipas y tipos (2012), Hermanos (2014) junto al Aca Seca Trío, Timba (2016) y Tanguera – La música de Mariano Mores (2018).
e-mail: consultas@cafevinilo.com.ar
http://cafevinilo.com .ar/event/diego-schissi-quinteto-6/

Marc Berthoumieux Masterclass in Plescop - France

by Christine Johnstone
Marc BerthoumieuxMarc Berthoumieux (picture left) will hold a Masterclass in Plescop, Brittany, France on August 27th from midday to 6pm, hosted by Loric Accordéons.

The event will be held as part of the “Jazz in Plescop” festival which will take place on August 28th in Plescop with a performance by the Marc Berthoumieux Quartet.

The Masterclass is open to Chromatic and Diatonic accordionists with basic knowledge of harmony, groove and swing. Attendees will meet with the artist to learn his artistic approach and how he approaches the practice of the accordion.

For details email: fanch.loric@gmail.com


by Diatonic News
Venerdì 18 settembre 2020 dalle ore 21:15 alle 23:00
Fortezza Santa Barbara

Il quartetto, nato nel 1992 da una felice intuizione di Riccardo Tesi, è ormai uno dei gruppi italiani di world music più noti a livello internazionale. Composizioni originali, virtuosismi strumentali, preziosi incastri ritmici ed arrangiamenti raffinati costituiscono la cifra stilistica del gruppo che con la sua musica fresca e solare, profumata di Mediterraneo, ha incantato le platee dei più importanti folk and world festival mondiali.
Dopo il difficile periodo della 'quarantena', Banditaliana torna di nuovo ad incontrare il pubblico di Pistoia, città natale del gruppo, per presentare una carrellata dei brani più conosciuti ed amati della loro vasta discografia, un programma pieno di sorprese.
Riccardo Tesi organetto Claudio Carboni sax
Maurizio Geri chitarra e voce Gigi Biolcati percussioni

🎟posto unico non numerato euro 10,00
🎟ridotto Carta Fedeltà Far.com e soci Unicoop Firenze euro 9,00
🎟ridotto “RisvegliaTI_Card” e “Carta dello Studente della Toscana” euro 5,00
☂️In caso di maltempo lo spettacolo si terrà (se possibile) al Teatro Manzoni o al Piccolo Teatro Mauro Bolognini.
😷L’ingresso agli eventi sarà regolato secondo la normativa COVID-19.
👉Biglietteria Teatro Manzoni
(Corso Gramsci, 127 – Pistoia) 0573 991609 – 27112
dal martedì al venerdì 16/19; sabato 11/13
👉on line su www.teatridipistoia.it – www.bigliettoveloce.it

John Kirkpatrick in September - UK

by Diatonic News
John Kirkpatrick in September - UK
John Kirkpatrick was born in Chiswick, West London in 1947. A deep love of music was instilled from birth, and family gatherings always included a hearty sing-song. School choirs, the Church choir, playing recorder and piano ensues, until he joined the Hammersmith Morris Men, in their second week, in 1959.

Whilst with the team he took up the melodeon, then the button accordion, then the anglo concertina, and got hooked on the traditional songs that were accompanied with a post-dancing pint.

John has gone on to become one of the most prolific figures on the English folk scene, performing solo, in duos, acoustic groups and electric bands, and has established an enviable reputation as an instrumental virtuoso and session musician, as well as a leading interpreter of English folk music.

Fri 4 Sep 2020 to Sun 6 Sep 2020
The Church Barn, Bishop's Castle, Shropshire
Tuition on the B/C/C sharp button box

Wed 9 Sep 2020
Ticketed live event at 8.00 p.m. Pay according to your choice.

Sat 12 Sep 2020 to Sun 13 Sep 2020
Lewes Saturday Folk Club, The Elephant and Castle, White Hill, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2DJ.
Two all day workshops plus a Saturday evening folk club appearance

Sat 19 Sep 2020
Weobley Village Hall, 8 Gadridge Road, Weobley, Herefordshire, HR4 8RZ.

check out for any changes due to COVID-19

NESI 2020 25-27th September in "virtual" way - USA

by Diatonic News
NESI 2020 September - USA
NESI 2020 will be Virtual, via YouTubes, Zooms & such
To be held on the original dates, September 25th - 27th

Details have been sent to our contact list & published on our sitalk discussion group
(sitalk signup info is here if you are not already a member
https://www.squeeze-in.org/NESI%20Mailing%20Lists.html )
More information will be published soon

Be careful out there – and keep playing. We'll meet again....

“Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.” – Sarah Dessen

Duo con Bonaventura/Fresu concert - Chieti/Italia

by Diatonic News
Date: 01/09/2020 - 21:00
Venue:Teatro Marruccino

Paolo Fresu, tromba
Daniele di Bonaventura, bandonenon

Un dialogo in musica nel segno degli strumenti ad aria e di un lirismo dagli aromi mediterranei. Protagonisti insieme alle voci corse del coro A Filetta del riuscito progetto “Mistico Mediterraneo” e dell’omonimo disco pubblicato dalla ECM, Paolo Fresu e Daniele Di Bonaventura si ritrovano qui nella dimensione più ristretta del duo. Un concerto di grande effetto che vive di intimismo e di piccole cose che raccontano i grandi colori dell’universo musicale contemporaneo. Di prossima uscita il loro primo lavoro discografico in duo sempre per la ECM intitolato “In Maggiore”.


CD/VIDEO/Book (New/Reviews/Presentations)

CD "Carousel" by BEOGA - Ireland

by Diatonic News
Beoga ‎– Carousel
Etichetta: Beoga ‎– BEOGA07
In: Vinyl, LP, Yellow Vinyl
Country: UK & Ireland
Released: 22 May 2020
Style: Folk, World, & Country

1 –Beoga & Ryan McMullan Make a Mark 3:36
2 –Beoga Carousel 3:13
3 –Beoga & Lissie In a Rocket 2:51
4 –Beoga & Foy Vance We’re Blood 3:24
5 –Beoga Aurora II 3:33
6 –Beoga & Devin Dawson Matthew’s Daughter 3:25
7 –Beoga & Niall McCabe Homebird 3:10

Available from The Physical Music Store on yellow/gold vinyl. Comes with an album booklet that is signed by the band.


by Diatonic News
The “City of Castelfidardo” Prize has in its DNA the aggregation of multiple areas and international backgrounds and as such it cannot escape from stimulating the development and improvement of the “accordion” instrument.

This year #PIF2020 will promote the edition with a book entitled “ACCORDION: THE COLORS THAT WILL COME” with the contributions of several protagonists, such as builders, artists, teachers, operators in the sector and all those people who love Accordion. We will therefore ask everyone to try their support at this adventure, collecting impressions, documenting the critical issues and, above all, offering their experiences with a view to “dreaming”, because the dream – even when it seems impossible to achieve – always shows new paths and new perspectives to follow.

Prestigious memberships have already arrived, among which we highlight the commitment of the NCDMI (New Italian Musical Didactic Center) which is already processing the results of a proposal that involves students of schools of all levels. In the “design” field, we have an institute that will make the ideas of its young students available. Even in the popular sphere, all the people are invited to interview all the professional figures, with the aim of reaching all highlighting sides of the noble and difficult art of the accordionists.

This editorial project will be coordinated by #PIF2020 Castelfidardo about the organizational aspect, by the authors for the texts and by the sponsors whom, we thank in advance, for the production costs. The work will be published in Italian and English, as well as providing a digital version (PDF) which can be downloaded for free from our website. We will include articles with the most original and most interesting ideas, and we are sure that every accordionist will have the curiosity to read this intriguing work.

You are invited to contact the artistic direction by writing to info@pifcastelfidardo.it in order to report your topics and, always welcome, suggestions.

10 Jahre Volks-Rock'n'Roller Jubiläumsbox/Andreas Gabalier - Austria

by Diatonic News
10 Jahre Volks-Rock'n'Roller Jubiläumsbox/Andreas Gabalier
Neben seinem neuen Werk "NEUER WIND - wenn die Zeit zur Ruhe kommt* gibt es von Andreas die 10 Jahre Volks-Rock'n'Roller Jubiläumsbox - mit 18 CD's, 1 DVD, 2 Vinyl singles, Fanbuch, Poster und Fanbanner.

zu bestellen bei entweder, I-tunes, Amazon, Spotify oder www.andreas-gabalier.at

Heinrich Band: Namesake, but Not Inventor of the Bandoneon - Germany

by Diatonic News
Ulrich SchmüllingWilloughby Ann WalsheThe beginnings of the bandoneon or those German Concertinas that were later called bandoneons is situated in the town of Carlsfeld (Saxony) in the Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge).

After Carl Friedrich Uhlig (1790–1874) developed the first German Concertina in Chemnitz in 1834, it was Carl Friedrich Zimmermann (1817–1898) who started producing German Concertinas in the attic of his parents’ house in Carlsfeld around 1840, further developed them and some few years later invented an instrument that later became known and sold worldwide under the name “Bandoneon.”

This is a fact about which there is no doubt in the general public as well as among experts and which has been historically proven. Until recently!

A specialist book, which has been available on the German market since May 15, 2020, states with remarkable explicitness that Krefeld merchant Heinrich Band (1821–1860) invented the bandoneon and subsequently makes the city of Krefeld the instrument’s birthplace.

Under the title “Heinrich Band. Bandoneon” (subtitle: “Die Reise eines Instruments aus dem niederrheinischen Krefeld in die Welt” [The journey of an instrument from Krefeld, Lower Rhine, into the world]), it is both the “Förderverein für das Kulturbüro der Stadt Krefeld e.V.” [Sponsoring Society for the Cultural Office of the Krefeld] as editor and Janine Krüger as author who propagate this in a colorful and lavishly produced book.

The book was published by Klartext Verlag, Essen, and financially opulently supported by “Sparkassen Kulturstiftung Krefeld,” [the savings bank cultural foundation] “Stadt Krefeld,” [City of Krefeld] the “Kunst Stiftung NRW” [Art Foundation North Rhine-Westphalia] and the “Kulturbüro Krefeld” [Cultural Office of Krefeld] as well as the “Förderverein für das Kulturbüro der Stadt Krefeld e.V.” (the association is at the same time the editor and financial supporter itself); further backed by Klaus Kokol (Krefeld city council member, deputy Social Democratic Party of Germany parliamentary group leader, director of the legal department) and Jürgen Sauerland-Freer (former head of Krefeld’s culture department and predecessor of Dr. Gabriele König).

According to the book information, besides the editor and author is an editorial staff, which includes Prof. Gerhard Hahn (an engineer, sculptor and designer based in Krefeld), Dr. Gabriele König (head of Krefeld’s Culture Department as well as head of the city’s Culture Office) and Burkhard Ostrowski (Krefeld culture office employee).

Thus, there is a concentrated municipal energy in the background.

The fact that local patriotism and cultural enthusiasm for the city go so far that music history is “bent” in order to attract even more public attention and publicity, is not only outlandish but also reprehensible. But above all, it is completely unnecessary.

To be sure, the name “bandoneon” actually derives from the Krefeld family name of Heinrich Band. But apart from the fact that this instrument name did not originate from Band himself, but from a third party, Band has demonstrably never been an instrument manufacturer, but no more and no less was one of several music dealers who bought various instruments from different manufacturers and sold them to their customers.
The relevant professional music circles stood on their heads by this snubbing presumption, especially inasmuch as the editors and local politicians not only leave it misrepresented in their book, but use all available types of media exploitation (advertising videos, launched newspaper releases, internet articles, radio reports, etc.) to pursue their historical fact suppression bluntly and widely.

It is to be hoped that this does not result in what is widespread in today’s society, namely that untruth becomes truth if it is repeated only loudly and often enough.

Heinrich Band. Bandoneon (“Förderverein für das Kulturbüro der Stadt Krefeld e.V.” as editor and Janine Krüger as author), in German language only. ISBN 978-3-8375-1970-9 - format 23 x 23 cm - 368 pages - four-color throughout with numerous photos and illustrations - hardcover, thread stitching - price 29.95 euros - circulation: 700 copies.4

Ulrich Schmülling, July 15th 2020 (picture above)
Translation: Willoughby Ann Walshe (picture above)

Excerpt from Research by Norbert Seidel about Invention of Bandoneon in German

Article about: Willoughby Ann Walshe 80th Birthday, Kamen - Germany

Heinrich Band: Namensgeber, aber nicht Erfinder des Bandoneons
Die Wiege des Bandoneons bzw. der Concertinas, die man später Bandoneon nannte, befindet sich in dem Ort Carlsfeld im Erzgebirge in Sachsen.

Nachdem Carl Friedrich Uhlig (1790–1874) im Jahre 1834 in Chemnitz die erste „Deutsche Konzertina“ entwickelt hatte, war es Carl Friedrich Zimmermann (1817–1898) in Carlsfeld, der um das Jahr 1840 erste Handzuginstrumente in der Dachkammer seines elterlichen Hauses herstellte, weiterentwickelte und wenige Jahre später eine Harmonika erfand, die später unter dem Namen „Bandoneon“ (bzw. „Bandonion“) weltweit bekannt und verkauft wurde.

Das ist eine Tatsache, über die in der Allgemeinheit wie in Fachkreisen keine Zweifel bestanden haben und die historisch belegt ist. Bis vor kurzem!

Seit dem 15. Mai diesen Jahres (2020) ist auf dem deutschen Markt ein Fachbuch erhältlich, das den Krefelder Kaufmann Heinrich Band (1821–1860) mit bemerkenswerter Ausdrücklichkeit als Erfinder des Bandoneons erklärt und die Stadt Krefeld im Nachgang zur Geburtsstätte des Bandoneons macht.

Unter dem Titel „Heinrich Band. Bandoneon“ (Untertitel: Die Reise eines Instruments aus dem niederrheinischen Krefeld in die Welt) sind es sowohl der „Förderverein für das Kulturbüro der Stadt Krefeld e.V.“ als Herausgeber als auch Janine Krüger als Autorin, die dies in einem farbenprächtigen und aufwendig produzierten Buch propagieren. Erschienen ist der Titel im Klartext Verlag, Essen, finanziell opulent gefördert wurde er durch die „Sparkassen Kulturstiftung Krefeld“, die „Stadt Krefeld“, die „Kunst Stiftung NRW“ und das „Kulturbüro Krefeld“ sowie ausweislich durch den „Förderverein für das Kulturbüro der Stadt Krefeld e.V.“ (der Förderverein ist gleichzeitig Herausgeber und fördert sich selbst); im weiteren unterstützt von Klaus Kokol (Mitglied des Rates der Stadt Krefeld, stellv. Fraktionsvorsitzender der SPD, Leitender Rechtsamtsdirektor) und Jürgen Sauerland-Freer (ehemaliger Leiter des Fachbereichs Kultur der Stadt Krefeld und Amtsvorgänger von Dr. Gabriele König).

Dem Herausgeber und der Autorin hinzugeschaltet ist laut Impressum noch eine Redaktion, und die besteht aus Prof. Gerhard Hahn (einem in Krefeld ansässigen Ingenieur, Bildhauer und Designer), Dr. Gabriele König (Leiterin des Fachbereichs Kultur der Stadt Krefeld und Leiterin des Kulturbüros der Stadt Krefeld) und Burkhard Ostrowski (Mitarbeiter im Kulturbüro der Stadt Krefeld).

Da steht also eine geballte kommunale Energie im Hintergrund.

Daß hier der Lokal-Patriotismus und die kulturelle Begeisterung für sich selbst soweit gehen, daß die Musikgeschichte „gebeugt“ wird, um noch mehr öffentliche Aufmerksamkeit, sprich: Publicity, auf sich zu ziehen, ist nicht nur befremdlich, sondern auch verwerflich. Vor allem aber ganz und gar unnötig.

Zwar leitet sich der Name „Bandoneon“ tatsächlich vom Familiennamen des Krefelders ab. Aber abgesehen davon, daß diese Instrumentenbezeichnung nicht von Band selbst stammte, sondern von Dritter Seite, ist Band nachweislich nie Instrumentenhersteller gewesen, sondern nicht mehr und nicht weniger als einer von mehreren Musikalienhändlern, die unterschiedliche Instrumente von verschiedenen Herstellern kauften und an ihre Kunden verkauften.

Die einschlägige Musikfachwelt steht Kopf angesichts dieser brüskierenden Vermessenheit, zumal die Herausgeber und Kommunalpolitiker es nicht nur mit der falschen Darstellung in ihrem Buch belassen, sondern alle verfügbaren Register der Medienverwertung (Werbe-Videos, lancierte Zeitungsberichte, Internet-Artikel, Rundfunkbeiträge usw.) ziehen, um unverblümt und weithin ihre historische Tatsachenverdrängung zu betreiben.

Es bleibt zu hoffen, daß dadurch nicht das eintritt, was gerade in der heutigen Gesellschaft weit verbreitet ist, nämlich daß Unwahrheit dann zur Wahrheit wird, wenn man sie nur laut und oft genug wiederholt.

Nobert Seidel aus München ist als ausgewiesener Fachmann in Sachen Bandoneon-Forschung weithin bekannt und renommiert. In seinem folgenden Beitrag geht er auf den neuen Buchtitel ein, zeigt die fatale Fehleinschätzung der Autoren detailliert auf und versucht damit, der mit Vehemenz von ihnen betriebenen Geschichtsklitterung zu begegnen.

Heinrich Band. Bandoneon („Förderverein für das Kulturbüro der Stadt Krefeld e.V.“ als Herausgeber und Janine Krüger als Autorin). ISBN 978-3-8375-1970-9 – Format 23 x 23 cm – 368 Seiten – durchgehend vierfarbig mit zahlreichen Fotos und Abbildungen – Hardcover, Fadenheftung – Preis 29,95 Euro – Auflage: 700 Exemplare.

Ulrich Schmülling, 15. Juli 2020 (Bild oben)

Auszug aus der Forschung von Norbert Seidel über die Erfindung von Bandoneon in deutscher PDF-Datei

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